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Interactive Hook Conversion

Craft Pixie - Saturday 18th of June 2022

Interactive Hook Conversion

Craft Pixie
Saturday 18th of June 2022

In the search box, type the hook size you are looking to convert. The table will automatically filter to your search.

Want a hard copy of the table? Download the PDF here > Download Table

Metric (mm) US Old UK
2.25 B-1 13
2.50 - 12
2.75 C-2 -
3.125 D -
3.25 D-3 10
3.50 E-4 9
3.75 F-5 -
4.00 G-6 8
4.25 G -
4.50 7 7
5.00 H-8 6
5.25 I -
5.50 I-9 5
5.75 J -
6.00 J-10 4
6.50 K-10 ½ 3
7.00 - 2
8.00 L-11 -
9.00 M/N-13 -
10.00 N/P-15 -
11.50 P-16 -
12.00 - -
15.00 P/Q -
15.75 Q -
16.00 Q -
19.00 S -
25.00 T/U/X -
30.00 T/X -

About the conversion table

Why do I need a hook conversion table?

There are a number of different ranges of hook size that have developed over time. A pattern may only contain one of these ranges and it can be annoying to have to find the appropriate size from your own hook collection. The above table allows you to quickly search for the appropriate hook size. Alternatively, download the PDF provided and keep in your crochet files.

How do I know what hook size to use?

When you choose a pattern, it will often come with a recommended yarn and hook size. If you decide to use a different yarn, the recommended hook size for this yarn is usually included on the yarn band.

Notes on hook size

If a different yarn is used to that recommended, you may need to change hook size. If the final size of the project is crucial, always make a swatch first.