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🌈 Colour Inspiration

Pink Orchid

Craft Pixie - Monday 6th of June 2022

🌈 Colour Inspiration

Pink Orchid

Craft Pixie
Monday 6th of June 2022

The Story Behind the Picture

I love orchids. They are are such beautiful flowers. With their perfect and exotic blooms, they have always fascinated me.

My parents used to keep orchids ... until they discovered an artificial version that was so good, people were taken aback to discover they were not real. I now have them in a pot by my front door. They are fuss free and remind me of my parents every time I come through the front door.

The pictured orchids were most definitely real! They were an unexpected present from a good friend. I had been feeling a bit down and these gorgeous blooms really lifted my spirits. I'm ashamed to say that I do not still have them. However, I have these pictures to remind me.

Colour Palette

Pink / Purple / Brown

The colour palette, with hex and RGB codes, has been provided for reference. This has also been matched to the nearest tones in a few of my favourite yarns: Stylecraft Special DK, Paintbox DK, Caron Simply Soft and Red Heart Super Saver.

Please note that the yarn colours shown are an approximation of the true shades. It is impossible to find the specific colour codes for yarn, as it tends to be a subtle mix of colour. The suggested colour palettes, therefore, use the picture for inspiration and are just for fun. They may just give you some ideas on colour combinations, but please go to your local yarn shop and check out the true colours before purchasing. As with all technical things, the colours may vary according to your screen settings.

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