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Quirky Patterns for Quirky People

About · CraftPixie

Welcome to Craft Pixie

Craft Pixie is where you can find crochet patterns, sewing patterns and inspiration!
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Meet the Pixies!


The Craft Pixie

I don't know why I craft? It's something I've always done. I can't remember not sewing, painting or cutting. My Granny taught me to knit when I was seven and I subsequently taught myself to crochet. I'm never without some work in progress!

My family has had a strong influence on what I do. They have all been very creative in various fields. My Grandfather had a drapery shop in London and would make dolls house furniture and clothes. My parents both painted and crafted things. It was inevitable I'd end up with a house full of craft!

By profession I'm a Business Analyst - a bit removed from the crafting world. Having said that, the way in which data is presented, especially graphically, can be very creative.

Latterly I've been creating downloadable crochet and sewing patterns plus downloadable quiz games and packaging.


Baby Pixie

​Holly is my daughter. Although she's at a university in London, she insisted on taking my spare sewing machine, some fabric, cord and findings with her. I think crafting is an antidote to the testing degree she is following.

I don't know why the crafting gene has suddenly kicked in! I could never get her to sit down and do any craft when she was a child. She did GCSE Art at school and hated it, so this new found love of creating is a bit of a pleasant surprise!

Holly loves macrame and sewing. She helps with inspiration and organisation! I'm hoping she remains interested in craft and Craft Pixie, as it will be my legacy to her in the future!


Our Inspiration

Mum came from the era when make-do-and-mend was the idiom of the day. Both my parents were crafty, coming from a long line of creative people.

She taught me how to sew and create and had endless patience. In her later years she discovered the world of porcelain doll making. Dad poured the slip, fired the greenware and strung the dolls while Mum would prepare, paint and dress the dolls. They taught at a night school and had their own doll shop and club. I thought nothing of coming home to find a tray full of dolls heads in the porch!

Mum discovered she had Alzheimer's Disease about the same time as Dad was told he had Parkinson's. They struggled on, but have both since passed away. However, I continue to craft and know they will be watching over my shoulder, trying to give me advice on what I should do next!


Toadstool Technician

Alex is my son and is my tech expert. Without him I'd be staring at a blank computer screen most of the time. By profession he is a software developer, so it was a natural progression to bring him in to the Craft Pixie family.

Alex is responsible for my fantastic website. He has worked hard to produce something that embodies the Craft Pixie ethos: quirky, fun and colourful.